Our Latest Strategic Thinking About Economic Development

The Continued Rise – and Evolution – of Walkable Urban Development

By Brandon Palanker | April 20, 2020

The past 20 years has witnessed the expansive growth of walkable urban and mixed-use development, which has steadily pulled market share from traditional drivable suburban product. This evolution began in the 1990’s with what this writer calls “the Friends phenomenon,” building off the popularity of TV shows such as Friends or Seinfeld, both located in…

Why You Should Care About the CARES Act

By Dave Sutton | April 17, 2020

What began as a small healthcare tax repeal act introduced into the House by a Democrat on January 24, 2020 became, in a few weeks’ time, the single largest economic package in American history. But the CARES Act is farbigger and more comprehensive than Obama’s 2009 recession package. Signed by the president on March 24th, it…

Transfer Development Rights are… “Up On The Roof”

By Ed Ambrosino | January 16, 2020

Do not say the land ahead does not exist, simply because you cannot see it.”― Robert H. Barlow There are thousands of acres of vacant land in Nassau County. Don’t look down. Look Up. The Vacant Land is Up on the Roof. Yes, the Drifters were singing about Development. The Air Space above buildings in…

Amazon HQ2 Aftershock Reverberates

By Dave Sutton | October 20, 2019

In the aftershock of the Amazon H2Q failure, a working knowledge of the legal and regulatory environment is not a luxury for developers of real estate projects. It is absolutely essential for survival. As noted in the Wall Street Journal, tax incentives are becoming increasingly politically unpopular and there is a nascent movement among several…