About Us


We Get You To YES...  But How? 

  • We help you design and form your development concept to get stakeholder buy-in and approval 

  • We work with your development and design team and create a concept that works

  • We market the concept to the public and the stakeholders

  • We work with your legal and finance team to paper a transaction that makes sense, is achievable, and is financeable

  • We find tax incentives, grants, and governmental programs to increase your ROI

  • We get you through the zoning, incentive, and planning processes 

  • We roll out a press and marketing campaign as your project is developed

  • We market your project to get you to occupancy or sale

  • We assist with compliance

  • We are a team of marketing professionals, for we are elected officials and trained lawyers who understand real estate development, governmental bureaucracy, and how to get things done

  • We Get You To Yes... REALLY! 

Leadership Team

Ed Ambrosino

Ed believes that economic development and growth are necessary elements for municipalities to expand and prosper. These components are even more vital in mature jurisdictions where high property taxes negatively impact the local economy.

Ed Ambrosino practiced Economic Development and Transactional Real Estate Law for over 30 years. Ed is a leading authority for companies on economic development, IDA and conduit tax exempt development structuring. Ed attended Chaminade High School, Fairfield University, New York Law School and New York University Law School. In addition to lecturing and teaching transactional law at local colleges, he taught a course he developed, Leveraging the Public/Private Partnership, for the Real Estate LLM program at his alma mater. Ed is the main contributor to our monthly company Newsletter, Development That Works.

Ed has also enjoyed a distinguished career in the public sector. He was the first Majority Counsel to the new Nassau County Legislature and negotiated all major transactions including the sale of the Nassau County Medical Center, the $270 million securitization of Tobacco Settlement Proceeds and the $242 million MTA Financing as well as draftsman of all majority sponsored legislation. Ed was transaction counsel to the Nassau County Industrial Agency and the Nassau County Local Economic Assistance Corporation. Ed proudly served as the elected Councilman to the 2nd District of the Town of Hempstead, America’s largest township.

Ed’s experience as an attorney, his governmental and political background and his skill at structuring complex transactions bring his unique capabilities to Economic Development Strategies, LLC.

Dave Sutton

Dave believes in putting ROI at the center of everything marketing does. As a leading authority on applying transformational marketing principles, municipalities, developers and other organizations seek out Dave to help them develop compelling marketing and sales strategies.

Dave Sutton is a leading authority today on Transformational Marketing– enabling businesses to reach, connect and engage with customers in a way that gives them a reason to care, a reason to buy, a reason to advocate and, most important of all, a reason to stay. He is the founder of TopRight, LLC– a Transformational Marketing firm that helps companies move to the top right quadrant of their competitive frame, and corner the markets where they choose to compete. TopRight’s 3S Playbook model of the right Story, the right Strategy, and the right Systems turns sales transactions into customer experiences that connect and communicate why you do what you do and what difference it makes for your customers. Dave is also the co-author of Enterprise Marketing Management: The New Science of Marketing- the ground-breaking book considered to be the definitive statement of a new business discipline designed to create sustained, profitable, organic growth